39th Urasoe Tedako Festival Program

公開日 2016年07月01日

最終更新日 2016年07月19日


Event Time Location
July 22th (Fri)
Yafuso Street Block Party  14:00-21:00  Yafuso Street
July 23th (Sat)
Senior Citizen's Club Ring Toss Contest   9:30-11:30  Civic Gymnasium 
Senior Citizen's Club Karaoke Contest   13:00-15:30  Tedako Hall
Cultural Association Stage Performance  13:00-20:00  Tedako Hall
"Tedako-bi" Flame Lightning Ceremony  14:00-14:30 Iso Castle Ruins Park
Children's Carnival  17:00-17:25 Main Stage/
Festival Grounds
Guest LIVE (Okinawa Bishojo Project, Yui Sakihama, Okiko Clover Z)  17:25-18:15
"Tedako-bi" Torch Lighting Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
Tedako Lady Crowning Ceremony
Guest LIVE (5th Elements)  19:05-19:20
The Picture Scrolls Of The Three Great Urasoe Kings   19:40-20:45
Fireworks Show  20:45-21:00
July 24th (Sun)
"Tedako Hari" Dragon Boat Races  9:00-17:00 Makiminato Fishing Port
Futsal Tournament (Indoor Soccer)  9:00-17:00 Indoor Athletics Ground
Dodgebee Tournament  9:00-15:00 Athletic Field
Urasoe Mayor's Cup Children's Sumo Competition 10:30-15:00 Sumo RIng
HOMELAND GRANDPRIX 2016 (Urasoe Street Dance Competition) 14:00-20:00 Tedako Hall
Youth "Eisa" Dance   Tedako Hall (Open Space)
Chingyeh Rukai Ancient Ballad Troupe 16:20-16:40 Main Stage/
Festival Grounds
Tedako Performance Festival
Opening Ceremony

Neighborhood Association Performance -
Traditional Performing Arts - City Organization Performances
Ladies "Bon-Odori" Dance
Guest Concert 1 (PORTRIVERS) 19:10-19:30
Guest Concert 2 (Sky's The Limit) 19:40-20:30
Citizen's "Kachashi" Dance 20:30-20:40
Closing Declaration 20:40-20:45
Fireworks Show 20:45-21:00

* No parking lot is available at the festival grounds, so please use public transportation if possible.
* There may be changes to the program on the day of the event.
* We ask that you  cooperate in carrying your garbage home with you.



Tedako Festival Map


企画部 国際交流課
住所:〒901-2501 沖縄県浦添市安波茶一丁目1番1号(本庁4階)